Julie Nariman - Passionate Educator

Principal of the High School of Language and Innovation in Bronx NY

Julie Nariman has been a passionate educator in the New York City Public School system since 2000. In September 2011, Julie Nariman and a team of eight teachers opened the High School of Language and Innovation, a school for newcomer English Language Learners in the Christopher Columbus High School in the Bronx.

Julie has served as the founding principal of the school since 2011, and she and her team have consistently produced above-average results for achievement for English Language Learners in her district.

Mission and Values

Julie Nariman believes that students learn best when they’re given multiple opportunities to collaborate, express themselves, and work in teams, while also adhering to highly respectful norms and strong work ethic.

Classrooms at the High School of Language and Innovation are setup for collaboration. Teachers keep their lessons succinct so that students have time to work independently and in small groups to problem-solve, write, and engage in discussions. The collaborative style of learning at High School of Language and Innovation has been recognized in Chalkbeat.

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