High School of Language and Innovation

Founded in NYC in 2011

The brainchild of Julie Nariman, the High School of Language and Innovation was founded in 2011 to improve the quality of education in NYC for English language learners. Along with other small high schools, it shares space within the larger Christopher Columbus High School building in the Bronx.

Ms. Nariman created HSLI in order to address the needs of the expanding newcomer immigrant community.

After graduating its first class in 2015, HSLI has regularly achieved above-average results in its district by fostering a collaborative atmosphere in which all learning levels are supported.

Working as a Team

HSLI teaches students to be responsible by encouraging them to work as a team. To accelerate the language learning process, students normally undergo a minimum of two periods of English per day. We teach every subject from math to social studies to the arts by adhering to structures that encourage every student to think, write, and speak critically in every class.

A Well-Rounded Education

Because HSLI passionately believes in providing a well-rounded, balanced education, we offer a broad variety of electives ranging from photography to computer science to video production and even foreign languages. Furthermore, through a partnership with the Bronx Arts Ensemble, we also offer courses such as fashion design, hip hop, African dance, and sculpture. Students also benefit from afterschool programs that provide homework assistance, test prep, and arts enrichment.

A Nurturing Environment

By creating a nurturing environment of respect and tolerance, the High School of Learning and Innovation ensures that newcomers instantly become part of the community.

We help recent immigrants to integrate by supporting each other and the school. As a result, they quickly develop the skills necessary to succeed both now and in the future.

Maybe one of strongest endorsements of our community comes from our students who already speak English fluently but are drawn to the school’s warm and welcoming atmosphere.