Julie Nariman, the founding principal of the High School of Language and Innovation in the Bronx, offers instructional videos for her students. She touches upon a number of different topics to help her students build their language and study skills and prepare for college. They include everything from goal setting to answering interview questions to learning about cultures, college readiness, and more.

Teen Goal Setting Video
Guide to Answering Interview Questions
Key to Success of Learning Cultures
Key to Success of Learning Cultures
Student Independence vs Atrophy
College Readiness

Julie Nariman's Team Has Worked Hard to Support English Language Learners

The High School of Language and Innovation has exceeded district averages in math achievement, as well as graduation rates and college-readiness rates. In one year alone, the school’s college-readiness rates, which are based on student results in English and Math, sky-rocketed from 17% to 43%, the result of strong teacher teamwork and strategic student programming. The school has also been praised for supportive learning environment by